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Are You Terrified of Speaking In Public?

I know I once was but not now!!!

I remember when I was asked to give a speech at a wedding. My speech was a DISASTER!!

It was rambling, I lost my place, I was perspiring profusely! I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me there and then. That was an eye opening experience and one I vowed never to experience again.

I was determined to become a really fantastic speaker. I studied and developed my own techniques to overcome my fear and become a great public speaker.  As a result after I qualified as a Chartered Accountant I lectured in both the USA and the UK.

Since then I have undertaken many after-dinner speaking engagements and legal seminars and have frequently appearedon television and radio and presented my own radio show.

Does The Thought of Speaking In Public Give   You The Shakes? 

If your FEARS or NERVES have stopped you making a Public Speech then My Zero to Hero Public Speaking Secrets Course Will Teach You How To Conquer Your Fears And Take You From Beginner To Expert.

My Zero to Hero Public Speaking Secrets Course will teach you how to be a great and fearless speaker and because of its unique structure will also reinforce all the key elements you will learn.

  My course will teach you:

How to be a great public speaker and IMPROVE your work and business prospects

How to take control of your fears and anxieties about    public speaking and become a fearless speaker
How to develop confidence speaking in front of an audience to deliver a speech ANYWHERE!
  How to develop your creative skills to turbo charge your public speaking to give FAULTLESS presentations
How to structure a presentation or speech so that you always WOW your audience
How to banish all negativity from your mind to deliver a GREAT presentation
How to present any talk in front of ANY audience, whether it's a speech at a family gathering or a business presentation to colleagues or potential customers
The vital DO'S and DONT's you MUST know
My own special techniques to help you become a brilliant and fearless public speaker and take you from beginner to expert

  And........... Much Much More!

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“Everyone Needs a Barrie Segal” Sir Bob Geldof KBE

"A Great Speaker Who can Make Even The Most Technical Subject Interesting and Amusing." Senior Partner in Leading Firm Of UK Lawyers


My name is Barrie Segal and I know from my own experience as an after dinner speaker, broadcaster, radio presenter and author that anyone can be a great speaker if they learn my special public speaking techniques.

Let me ask you some questions.

Are you terrified of giving a public speech?

Do you break out into a cold sweat or does your heart rate go off the chart when you start to speak?

Are you scared that you could never give a great speech at your next family gathering or office meeting?

If you experience any of the above then I can help.       My Zero To Hero Public Speaking Secrets Course will teach you how to overcome your public speaking fears for ever and teach you how to make sensational speeches which will earn the admiration of your family and friends, work colleagues and every member of your audience.

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